Accent Cabinets and Chests: The Storage You Need

Turn your plain living room into a luxurious living space with the right accent furniture. We have accent cabinets and chests that can transform your living areas into extraordinarily designed spaces.

When designing your living space, we know that beauty is in the details of how you are decorating. We help you take every factor into consideration when designing your home. We know this is important, and we’re here to help.

We’re here to happily assist you in finding the right accent cabinets and chests for your living room storage needs. Think about what you need in your living room or hallway. Sometimes, the right accent piece of furniture can have a big effect on these areas.

Did you know that finding the right accent cabinet and/or chest can be easy? If you know what you are looking for or what style you are trying to achieve, you can find the perfect accent furniture here.


Let’s explore accent furniture such as cabinets and chests in more detail. We’d like to help you in buying the right cabinet by going over the types, shapes, and features of each type of accent furniture.


Cabinet Types


Where do you want to put your accent cabinets? Think about the location where you will display your gorgeous new storage cabinet. There are typically two main types of decorative cabinets – living room cabinets and cabinets in the hallway.


If you wish to use an accent cabinet in the hallway, you will want a narrow one, so it won’t take up too much space as you move in the hallway. The very last thing you will want to do is to bump the order of your cabinet piece. You also don’t want it to take up too much space.


Hallway storage cabinets are ideal for holding your keys, wallet, purse, umbrella, lipstick, and other items you need as you are walking out or in the door. You can choose one that holds many things or a simple design made to hold home décor items. What better way to fancy one up than with a mirror?


If you opt for a living room storage cabinet, you can typically pick a bigger one that has more storage options. Living room storage cabinet may have many drawers, where you can place your linens, coasters, extra remote controls, cards, or whatever you may need in your living room.


Cabinet Shape and Sizes


Now, you have decided where you are going to place your storage cabinet. At last, you can decide what size and shape you want in a storage cabinet. The size of the storage cabinet can make a big difference when designing the furniture to match your home décor.


Think about a beautiful accent piece of furniture, a small chest of drawers, to match your other living room furniture. Pick a chest of drawers with a hint of color to it, and imagine the furniture possibilities. For example, a storage cabinet with a yellow color can stand out against a black and white wall, and a black sofa can give you a minimalist feel.


We also carry narrow accent cabinets. As we mentioned earlier, narrow cabinets are perfect for hallway decoration. You can store items that you need as you travel in and out of your home. Store your items quickly and easily on a beautiful accent chest.


Cabinet Features


What features do you want for your accent cabinets? A cabinet with doors or an open chest is great for hidden storage, and it’s one of the more popular choices. This is because the cabinet lets you easily access what you are storing inside.


Plus, depending on the design, a great accent cabinet can help change the look from traditional or vice versa. Often, a rectangular cabinet shows a modern look while a solid oak curved piece of furniture is more traditional.


Accent chests can complete a look and give you many storage options. Plus, they are perfect for the kitchen, dining area, or living room. They add a lovely touch to any look, and they are great for extra storage needs.

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