Console, Sofa, and Entryway Tables

With our huge selection of living room furniture, you can find the perfect console, sofa, and entryway tables. Whether you are looking for the right living room tables or just want an accent piece of furniture, you’ll find the right tables here.

All About Sofa Tables

You may be wondering what a sofa table even is. Well, typically, sofa tables are mid-sized tables used in the living room or entryway/hallway. They are often the same height as the back of the sofa or couch used in the living room.

They can add elegance and functionality to any living room or space in your home. Plus, they give you easy access to whatever you need while you are lounging around enjoying your home.

You can just reach over the couch, if that is where you decided to add your sofa table and place your remotes, coasters, television guides, and more. Usually, sofa tables are seen behind the couch, which is why they are so simple and fun.

Take what you need off the table and then just put it back where you found it. That’s a pretty simple way to keep your home tidy and in order with a home for every item you own.

How handy! So, what are sofa tables all about? Well, they are convenient pieces of furniture usually seen in the entryway or living area.

Wait! How are they used in the hallway? Why would you add one to your entryway?

You can put them anywhere! They hold those extra items that you often spend time searching for in a handy place where they won’t get lost, like your keys, wallet, remote control, sunglasses, and even your purse!

You may be wondering how they are convenient and where you can put them. Let’s explore more when talking about sofa tables and what they are used for.

The top of sofa tables usually starts where the back of the sofas do. There is often plenty of room on your sofa table for your reading glasses, remote controls, or cellular devices. You can add anything to your sofa tables, including home décor items!

Just like our sofa, couch, love seat, and sectional selections, our sofa tables come in all sorts of colors, materials, and sizes. Plus, our living room tables add that touch of elegance that every living room needs.

Decorate your living room tables with lamps and/or flowers, or find the right accent table to put candles, pictures, vases, or sculptures on it. What a beautiful and neat way to show off your belongings!

Add pretty pictures above your tables to really show off what home decor you have decided to display in the area. Often, if you just add the things that are important to you on your tables, guests will automatically know what your priorities in life are.

You may also wish to make a theme area using your sofa table. For example, you could put a wedding keepsake or favorite romantic statue that you got as a wedding present on your sofa or entryway table.

Next, hang up pictures from your wedding or great memorable pictures of your family above the console, sofa, or entryway table. Now you have a single spot for that theme of your home! How exciting and fun is that?

When people walk by your beautiful display, they will have plenty of questions about your family – an opportunity for you to brag about your loved ones or whatever your passion in life is.

Get creative with your table use and find a way to make the space your own! You can make it so that every time you walk by your sofa or console table area, you smile, thinking of all the memories you have had in the past.

Both console tables and sofa tables can be gorgeous additions to any room or space in your home, including hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms.

If you have enough room in these spaces, you could even move a living room table to the bathroom or study! A study or office is also a great region to put your extra tables.

Add a stylish globe or figurine to your sofa table in your office or study to hold those extra items you want to look at while you work but don’t have the space to display.

All About Console Tables

Another important table you must consider is a console table, and we have them in all kinds. You may want to use them in the same way as a sofa table, but console tables are truly made for holding those decorative items!

Consider buying a fun and neat console table for your entry space or living area. Instead of using dining tables to throw your keys or wallet down on, use a nice entry table with a drawer or table space to put your belongings on.

This way, when you walk out the door every day, you won’t forget your needed items and have to turn around to come all the way back home to grab your wallet or purse. It’s easy to miss things when you have a lot on your mind.

You don’t have to use console tables for your needed items, either. You can also just add them because they are so pretty and can make for a neat, gorgeous addition to any home.

Decorative tables give you a chance to display your beautiful accessories or to store anything you need to quickly have access to. The right table can tie a room together nicely, providing you with style and function without overwhelming the area.

You don’t want to overload your living space with clutter. That’s what’s nice about a piece of furniture like a console table; you can put all your stuff on it!

If you are on the minimalist bandwagon, we have just the right table for you. Find a console table with storage inside to hold that clutter you don’t want to claim responsibility for. We have all kinds of living room tables with storage in them.

Are you struggling to choose which living room table will best meet your needs? Hide your clutter with a console table with storage, like one that has drawers in it. Accent tables can put key items in a handy place but hidden.

Are you wondering which sofa and console tables work best in small hallways? Pick out a narrow console table that is taller than it is wide. Tables like this offer the storage space you need without taking up a lot of valuable or absent floor space.

If you are looking for the right console or sofa table for your home, look no further. We have just the right table to match your living room furniture and furnishings.

We have all kinds of styles, which may make it feel like an impossible choice. Our variety is vast, but we can match your table to match your sofas and couches.

Unsure of what table will match your sleeper sofas or leather couches? There are so many different things you should consider when making your choice, including the style of the living area or space and the material the table is made of.

Do you have a modern sofa in need of a slick table? We have exactly the table you need. For a modern look, you’ll want something contemporary. If you’d like to go for a more traditional look with the table you choose, pick one that is made of solid wood.

Do you have a large sectional sofa? Probably, the best bet for you in terms of an accent table is to use a small one since you probably don’t have as much space to put a big one. However, you probably still want a place to put your drink and remote control.

Use console or sofa tables to bring direction and order to any space. You can do this practically and stylishly. We have such a selection that you’ll find the right fit for any decorating style.

If you are eagerly trying to go for a contemporary look, no problem! Just consider buying a modern console table – something simple yet elegant. Speaking of elegance, be sure to look at a marble console table. Just adding marble can make your look so much more upscale.

For more of a traditional look, check out a wood console table. Our wooden console tables fit perfectly with the farm-style home or just a traditional one. Our tables made of real wood are long-lasting, too.

You’ll find the right center console table on our website, too. Use a table like that for your coasters or remote. Plus, center console tables tie rooms together. They offer a simple theme that makes everything just GO together.

You can treat them like coffee tables if they are big enough to meet your living room needs, or just check out our selection of coffee tables or living room table sets. We’ve got it all!

Regardless of your styling needs, you will find the accent table you are looking for here. Just do a little furniture search, and you’ll find the exact console table that you need.

If you need any additional furniture buying help, we are here to guide you through your table or furniture buying decisions. We understand decisions can be overwhelming.

That’s why we are here to help you! Don’t feel overwhelmed or bogged down by the furniture decisions you are making. We’ll help guide you along so that you can find exactly what you need.


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