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Do you own desks but find you just don’t have the room for everything you need in the office? You probably have deadlines and want a space to keep you organized. Well, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty as you shop for material pieces of furniture, because our desks make lovely pieces of furniture!

Our computer desks hold your desktop or laptop computers along with any computer accessories you may need, such as office supplies, chairs, or hutches. We offer more than convenience; our desks are elegant and make nice additions to your office area.

Most desks are completely gorgeous, but also have drawers to store your files in or any books and/or materials you feel that you need to have nearby. Some have the option of an adjustable height so that you can sit or stand while working hard on your computer projects – you pick what works for you!

Before you search for a new piece of office furniture, you need to know about a couple of factors, such as the desk shape, style, material, and features you want.


A computer desk may have a different shape than others like it; this is because each one is unique. Most people prefer a rectangular shape for theirs. The reason rectangular is a popular shape is because it fits well with other pieces of office furniture, such as filing cabinets or hutches.

If you are going for a collection of pieces of office furniture, you may want to get a rectangular or square desk. With an entire set of bookshelves and filing cabinets, you can easily make arrangements to optimize your workspace. Another popular option is an L-shaped computer desk; picking one like this gives you plenty of room to work, which is something you probably need!

Make sure your computer desk has plenty of working space for you to write on or sketch out ideas that you have. If you do not have much room in your office space at home or work, you can optimize space with a corner desk. Many people use their office space to its fullest so that they have plenty of space to work or store office items.



You may want to consider the many features available when deciding on a nice piece of furniture for your office. Do you want a desk with a large table and/or one with many storage areas? Maybe you are looking for an armoire to hide your office clutter and papers when company comes over, or just don’t want to see it yourself during “off hours.”

You will want to have an office space to store all of your files, office supplies, utensils, and/or other tools that you need to have access to on a regular basis. Since the majority of our desks come with drawers and cabinets, you should have the room you need to store these items. Alternatively, if you are a minimalist, you may not need extra storage.

Instead, you can focus on finding a place for you to work on. You may want one with a keyboard tray or hutch to show off your minimalist décor.

Many people choose a simple design with a hutch or bookshelf to put decorations, books, office products, and/or binders in their desks or hutches. A small laptop desk or writing table would work well for minimalists, too!

The right plant or décor items can help you spruce up your office area, as you want it to be especially aesthetically pleasing to you and any guests you decide to show it off to, as you guide them through your kitchen, dining, and living spaces.


You have now nailed down the shape and features for your desk, so you are ready to pick out the colors and materials. If you’ve already decorated your home office, make sure your new desk matches whatever’s already there – the furniture and décor of your office space. Most of the heavy options are made with a metal frame and dark colors.

Often, these executive desks are the perfect working area for those who work from home and need a good, solid work surface to concentrate on. There’s ample storage in our gaming desks and U-shaped desks if you have enough space for a piece of office furniture like this.

At Décor and Art, there are several wood tones to choose from, including redwood, light wood, yellow wood, dark wood, brown wood, and espresso colored wood. Having a computer surface that matches the rest of your office will make you more organized and will help you appear more professional, even if you’re just working from home (and no one sees you).

When shopping for a computer desk for a college dorm room, writing desk, or other small spaces, get creative with it! There are many fun and funky choices in pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and even clear. Decide to make your desk a fun and beautiful statement piece! Pick an industrial style for a more functional writing space that can serve many of your needs.


Another important decision you’ll need to make when buying a computer or office desk is the size. Make sure when buying a desk that you have the space for it; after all, you don’t want to have more space or too little space for your new desk when you finally get it home, right? Measure your office space, so this doesn’t happen to you after shopping.

Take into consideration the measurements of drawers and/or cabinets opening. You’ll want to have the space to open and shut areas inside the space; you may also be able to determine if there’s something you currently have that you could discard or move to make room for your new office furniture.

For small spaces, a home office desk or a standing desk would work well with your space. Pieces of furniture like this often have heights adjustable for your needs and your personal height. We also have a secretary and roll-top desks that are perfect for storing what you need out of sight or just add a laptop to have everything you need right where you want it.

A small desk will work well if you need to store work materials, such as sketches, drawings, or files. You can purchase a one with drawers and/or cabinets without compromising on space. However, if you do have the office space, a desk set may be your best bet. Sets usually come with all pieces of furniture for your home office.

Some sets have bookshelves and hutches that match the desks; you may even be able to find matching filing cabinets and chairs. For a complete office look, purchase all furniture pieces that go in a set, or browse our website and look at the images to see how you can best match everything together for a complete home office!

You can save on floor space with a murphy desk that fits into your wall when you aren’t using it. These were invented to condense the amount of space you have to use when sketching or writing on a regular basis. Since they fit up into the wall, you can simply store your supplies and fold it up when not in use!


Another decision you’ll need to make is the material of the office furniture. Some of our materials make your choice stand out nicely from your room design, as our mirrored desks do. Light bouncing off your mirrored choice will make your desk the perfect centerpiece for the room!

Alternatively, you can choose a less flashy one but keep with a flawless modern look with a metal desk. Our metal options are made from very sturdy materials and are conveniently versatile. They also have all kinds of alterations available for your every office need; just find one you love.

At Décor and Art, we want you to have all options when it comes to office furniture. That’s why we have desks made of every material, including particle board, medium-density fiberboard, and solid wood.

Storage Features

Most desks have drawers and/or cabinets to store your goodies in. Drawers are just best for filing and storing office supplies, but if you prefer cabinets over drawers, we have plenty of hutches with cabinet space. Whatever desk you decide to buy, make sure it has the features you want.

If you choose, you will be able to store just about anything in your smaller choice with drawers, such as pens, papers, files, and notebooks. Hutches are nice to hold office supplies like this, too.

When deciding on features, be sure to check out our wire management, which keeps cords and wires from becoming tangled or halting your work because they are unplugged.

At Décor and Art, we work to make sure you have plenty of options for your home office space. That’s why we keep so many computer desks at the lowest prices on our website, including brands like Trent Austin Design® and Loon Peak®.

Our goal with our office furniture is to make sure you get what you need when you are shopping. We have the coolest desks, including the Sinead Ergonomic Gaming Computer Desk and the Jess Desk with Hutch. We have everything unique that falls in between there, as well. There’s no need for a coupon with our rock-bottom deals and prices.

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