Living Room Seating: Couches, Chairs, and More

We have the perfect living room seating for you. From couches and sofas to futons and sleeper sofas, we have you covered.


Chairs and Recliners

Feel free to lounge in luxury with our beautiful selections of recliners and chairs. Pretty much anything you need to sit on, we have. Our great selection includes everything from trendy accent chairs to traditional recliners, plus everything in between.

Find a corner chair in an exciting, fun print or in your favorite color to dress up your bedroom or family room. Consider adding elegance to your fancy closet with a sleek chaise lounger. Find a great rocking chair here for your nursery, front porch, or family sitting room. You may even want to add a few bean bag chairs to your living room.

Need home theater seating? We have that available as part of our living room seating as well. Also, we have plenty of massage chairs to turn any room into a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Find out more about our chairs and recliners today.

Are you looking for the perfect seating arrangement for your living space? Think about the size of the room you are shopping for when you choose your chairs or sofas. Large rooms are perfect for oversized chairs and recliners, while small, accent chairs are best for apartments or small living spaces.

Also, don’t forget that we have everything you need to match your decorating style. We have so many chairs and recliners, you’ll have no issues in finding what you need to coordinate with your current style.

So, how many chairs should you group together? If you are creating a reading spot in your family room, one or two comfy chairs with an end table nearby to hold your books and other belongings. This makes a good setup for a reading nook.

If you are furnishing your dining room, consider the size and style of your dining room table when figuring out how many chairs you need to purchase. One accent chair can add nice seating in your bedroom without adding clutter to the space.

Are you wondering what color of couch or recliner you should choose? Have no fear because we have many options for you when it comes to picking out a living room seating color. We have everything you could imagine, including classic neutrals, fun brights, and gentle pastels.

If you’re looking at getting a classic feel for your home, you may want to consider rustic brown or denim blue. If you’d like a dramatic accent, a rich jewel ton such as emerald green or ruby red would make great options for you.

We have the recliners and other chairs that you need to turn your house into a home. If you are looking to give one of your rooms a makeover, a new chair is a great place to start. We have affordable and simple-to-find options for your living room seating needs.

Whatever new style you are looking for, we have the right vibe for you. We understand that stylist seating gives your home a welcoming vibe, making people want to sit and mingle or stay a while if you so hope for. Our stylish seating gives your living room character, too.

If you are actively looking to upgrade your home office by purchasing a new chair or adding space for watching television or lounging, you will find plenty of choices when you shop with us.

Futons and Sleeper Sofas

Our futons are very popular and comfy. Use a futon as a versatile way to arrange your living space. If you frequently throw parties or entertain guests, a futon is a great addition to your living area.

This way, your friends can sit comfortably. Plus, it turns into a bed if they need or want to spend the night.

One of the most important things about picking out a futon is getting the right mattress. You should pick a futon mattress that has the right texture to match the other fabrics and colors of your décor. A comfy futon works perfectly in any room of your home from a tiny apartment to a multi-purpose family room, a futon is a winning choice.

Browse some of our awesome futons or purchase a futon chair if you need more space. Futons will fit great with your other living room seating, too.


Our futons come in many different sizes and shapes. They are easily customizable to match your décor, too. You can explore dozens of futons for your home on our website.

Purchase the best futon set for you. Futon sets include mattresses, frames, and covers. If you’d rather, you can purchase these pieces separately, though.


What’s great about futon sets is you have everything you need, and you don’t have to make a lot of decisions beforehand. Instead, everything is included. However, you can pick the pieces separately and put one together yourself. A set just saves you time and effort, but customization is up to you!

Some of our futons are one entire piece and don’t break down into separate pieces, while others come in parts. Of course, the most popular futons allow one or more people to sleep on them. Some are made for a single person, though. We have whatever size you need.

We have many futon options, too, including futon beds, futon couches, or futon chairs. Decide today to accessorize your living space or guest room with a new futon!

The covers made for futons can help you customize your futon choice. If you have a futon already, a futon cover can give you a new look, or purchase a new mattress for your futon to upgrade what you already own. We have every kind of cover for your futon, and if you have a futon chair or bed, we have tons of options for you to choose from.

To pick out a futon cover, just choose the type you desire. We have one-pieces, separate covers, and throw covers. Consider what size you need, too. We have all sorts of sizes for your futon cover.

We have a large selection of futon covers in all kinds of styles and colors. Some are plain, while others have a pattern on them.

Futon Mattresses

Find what matches your style. Covers are a fantastic way to customize your futon mattress; they can also protect your cushion from stains and spills.

Our futon mattresses are easy to fold and comfy to sit or sleep on. Our futon mattresses are well-made and often padded with foam, polyester, or cotton. This way, your guests will get a nice and comfortable night’s sleep.

Since our futon mattresses are not typically made with springs, your overnight guests won’t have to worry about tossing and turning all night. You don’t have to worry that your mattress is thin and pointy, either.

You are in control here and can choose how thick you want your mattress to be. If you need to upgrade your futon mattress or are new to futon ownership, you will find exactly what you’re looking for today with our assortment of futon mattresses.

Futon Frames

Another fun part about getting a futon is the frame. Since futon frames are usually what matters the most when it comes to your style, we have made sure that our collection has exactly what will go best with the rest of your décor. Some of our futons will match your style, while others can help you pull the décor in your room together.

You can find what you are looking for with our futon frames. We have frames in all kinds of materials and colors. Some of the materials you may find include wood and metal. Find exactly what you need in our selection of futon frames.

A nice, light wood futon frame may be best if you are unsure of your room’s design. If you are wanting to shop for frames first, you can find what you are looking for here. We have traditional, contemporary, and rustic frames available.

Don’t forget to find a frame that is properly sized. Our customer service agents can happily help you if you are building your own futon. With the great everyday deals that we offer, there’s no need for a coupon when you buy your futon!

Living Room Seating: Furniture Sets

Are you contemplating buying new furniture for your living space? Consider looking through our selection of furniture sets instead of purchasing the individual pieces separately.


First, purchasing a living room set will take away the guesswork involved in trying to decide on what upholstery and color of individual pieces to purchase; the pieces all match!


Second, there’s no need to get stressed out, thinking about how the individual pieces fit and look together. Our sofa sets are already matching!


You may have questions when trying to purchase the ideal living room set.


How do I even begin to shop for living room furniture sets?


You need to determine how many pieces you want in the living room furniture set. Some come in two, three, or more pieces in the set. Also, determine the amount of space you have in your living area. If you purchase too many pieces for your living room, it can look overwhelming and cramped.

Which pieces of living room furniture are included in a set?

Usually, a living room set has loveseats, sofas, and sometimes a chair. Some living room seating sets come with chaises, accent chairs, oversized chairs, and storage ottomans.

There’s plenty of room for customization when shopping for your living area. If you are looking for solid base pieces, consider purchasing a sofa set with just a few pieces. If you want, even more, our sets often have optional matching chairs and ottomans. Some sets have even more.

What sort of material should you choose for your living room sofa set? There’s a multitude of choices available for you, such as leather and cloth. For the most appealing and durable material, leather may be the best choice for you.

Homeowners often find living room furniture sets to be a convenient way to beautify their living spaces. It’s nice because you don’t have to spend hours trying to match different pieces together. Instead, the color, size, and number of pieces are already matched together.

If you are looking for the right living room set, we have an enormous selection for you. Our goal for your room is to ensure that you have the living room sofa set that meets your look. This is one of the reasons why we have so many choices for you to browse through for your home.

We have many living room seating furniture sets on sale and a myriad of brands. Our desire is for you to find the set that’s exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are browsing for something new and different or already have something specific you want, you’ll find it here.

We have many great deals daily, and there has never been a better time to shop for living room sets. We aim to make sure you always have plenty of options for your living room. This is why we have many living room sets on sale on our website, including specific brands.

We have exactly the right living room set for you, and there’s never a need for a coupon with our everyday great deals.


Chaise Lounges and Chairs

Chaise lounges are long sofas with armrests on one side. They are typically designed to be laid upon. The armrest acts as support or as a headrest when you lay down. They make great beds for guests or just a place to lounge around in a while, reading a book, or watching television.


Using an elegant chaise lounge sofa can really add some style to your living room. These one-of-a-kind fashionable pieces of furniture are beautiful alternatives to traditional chairs and sofas. They are super comfy, too!


Home interior designers love the long arching backs of chaise lounges. Plus, they have great raised platforms for your feet and legs. They work well in almost any room, too. Consider adding one to your den, library, living room, bedroom, and family room.


We offer chaise lounges in a ton of different fabrics for you to choose from. Enjoy relaxing in a corner, reading a book, taking a nap, or watching your favorite television shows. Shop our beautiful collection of chaise lounges today.


You may even wish to purchase more than one chaise lounge sofa for the living room seating in your home. The sofas come in so many different sizes and shapes. The slimline we have available is perfect for that little reading nook in the corner of your living room. Some fit a single person, while others are wider.


Imagine cuddling up with your significant other on a beautiful chaise lounge. Kids love the bigger sized ones. It gives them a chance to cuddle with mommy or daddy.


Are you looking to create a quiet and cozy reading nook in your master bedroom? A comfy chaise lounge is exactly what you need to fill that space.


Add a fun chaise lounge sofa to the corner of your living or family room, under a tree, or next to a beautiful chandelier. You can really complete a look with one of these sofas. They are so handy since they can eliminate full living room seating areas, places where there’s just too much furniture.


If you are wondering how to pick the right upholstery, think about the different kinds of material we have available – polyester, cotton, and linen. Plus, they are all easy-to-clean and built to last.


For a contemporary look, suede will do. Create an eye-catching corner with a beautiful chaise chair or sofa. Another option is velvet. Ah! What luxury!

We also have leather chaise lounges available. They can make any space look sophisticated. You may want to add one to your office, den, or small living room.


If you are bored with traditional seating arrangements, our collection of chaise lounge chairs will be perfect for you. They are great for updating your living space or just sneaking some sophistication and style into your home’s décor.

If you are needing to add additional seating to your living area or are trying to create a nice little reading nook, a sophisticated lounge chair is the perfect chic accessory for you.


Our goal is to ensure you have fantastic options when decorating your home. This is the reason we keep so many chaise lounge chairs available for you. Whether you need something unique and different or just want to grab a new one for your new reading spot, we have thousands of great everyday options for you to choose from.

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