Living Room Tables: The Best Tables for Your Living Space


When you’re decorating your living room, the best way to accent the room is with well-chosen living room tables. Find the right ones for your home to put your television remote controls, books, or plants in your living room.


As you pick out the right tables for your living space, you need to make three choices. First, you will want to have the right shape of the table to accommodate your style. Second, you will need to pick out the right size, so the tables fit well in your living space. Finally, choose the best color that fits the look you are going for.


You may want to use something other than side and coffee tables, too. We have trunks, TV stands, console tables, nesting tables, storage ottomans, and more. Pick the right one out for your table space needs. By finding the right tables for your living room, you will have ample table space whenever you need it.


Side Tables


Side and end tables come in all sizes. Of course, the most common size is small. It’s popular because you can combine multiple side tables between other furniture pieces in your living area. If you need a side table for an empty space in your living room, choose a wide one.


The nice thing about end tables is that they come with all sorts of options for storage. This is perfect if you need extra storage in your living area. Whatever size table you need for your living room, we have you covered.


Once you choose the size of your side table, you should consider what shape you want your side table to be. Round is basically the most popular shape because it gives you the most options in terms of which way you want to orient your table.


If you enjoy the symmetry of a square, we have narrow side tables that are good options. If you don’t need a lot of legroom between sofas, a narrow side table may be the right choice for you. You could have a nice side table with plenty of room on it.


The final choice you need to make when it comes to side tables is the color. We have both modern and minimalist designs, as both are very popular. A white or black table works well with any color scheme. If you have a darker room, a nice white side table can provide the right contrast. You may also want to blend white in a lighter room as an accent piece of furniture.


Whatever type of sofa table you decide upon, we are committed to helping you find the right side and end tables, anything you need. We have all the colors of the rainbow here, so you can find the hue that best fits you.


Coffee Tables Sets

This is the perfect place to buy a living room table, such as a console table, an end table, or a coffee table. We have a huge selection of living room furniture, including coffee tables and coffee table sets. It’s all organized so you can find the right piece for your home.


Purchas an end table or a coffee table separately, or purchase one of our complete living room table sets. They are already matched up, so you don’t have to do any work.


Coffee Tables


Coffee tables are a crucial part of your living room furniture. You keep your drinks there, put your feet up, and some have additional storage. We have many table selections for you to choose from in all styles, materials, and shapes.


End Tables


Usually, these are placed at the end of sectional sofas, couches, love seats, or between recliners. These tables serve the same purpose as a coffee table, holding drinks, and adding beautiful décor to your living room furniture set. They are frequently used to hold lamps.


We have end tables of all sorts of material – metal, wood, stone, and glass. You can find great matching sets here. Just look that the pre-designed sets of living room tables to make your entire room match.


Console Tables


These are often called sofa tables. Usually, these are narrow tables, about the same height as the back of your couch. When placed in a living room, they give you a convenient place to set your drinks or add more décor to your living room.


It makes an attractive space to put along your wall or to decorate with your favorite pictures or mirrors.


Coffee Table Sets

We have just the right coffee table set for you. Many of our living room sets have a matching sofa table, coffee table, and two end tables. Since each of our manufacturers has a slightly different style and look, some sets come with an additional console table and matching end tables. Still, others may just have one of each different kind of table.

The nice thing about coffee table sets is you get matching furniture, and it’s usually at a discounted price because you are buying a set versus purchasing each piece separately.


Nesting Tables

What are nesting tables? They generally include a set of matching end tables that nestle into each other. There’s typically 3 tables included, but there are some sets that have 2. The benefit of nesting tables is that they conserve space; they can be pushed together on top of one another.

However, when you are ready to use one, just pull it out, and you have a nice place to set your drink or remote control. You can spread the nesting end tables around your living room as you wish to create a beautiful, stylish look.


Living Room Trunks

Often, living room trunks are used as coffee tables or standalone pieces of furniture. Beautiful trunks can be used as décor to break up large empty wall space. The amount of storage you can find in a decorative trunk is typically substantial. You can easily store photo albums, linens, electronics, and more.


Ottomans with Storage

Find great storage ottomans here. They are excellent places to put your feet up. Just lay back in your oversized chair and enjoy your ottoman while you watch television. The great thing about them is they have plenty of storage for your blankets, linens, electronics, and more.

TV Stands

TV stands are great pieces of furniture because they can double as a table, entertainment center, television stand, or cabinet. The main purpose is usually to give your TV someplace to sit upright. Many television stands are made to be just the right height so you can watch TV comfortably.

TV stands come with plenty of storage space for you to keep your music, movies, or gaming devices. They usually need to be close to your television.

Many TV stands are seen as the centerpiece of the living room since the TV is the star of your living space. Luckily, our TV stands are beautifully decorated to make your living room the perfect place for you and your guests.

If you are relocating into a smaller space and have found that there isn’t enough room for your belongings, we understand. It can be quite frustrating to decorate a space that doesn’t have enough space for your valuables.


We understand that sofas, living room tables, and a bed are priority furniture items, but consider purchasing a TV stand as well. A perfect TV stand for your new space can sometimes boost your storage space since you can store so much inside.


TV stands come in all sizes and shapes. Consider getting them for any room in your home. You may need one in your family room or bedroom. We have some that are just big enough to hold your television, while others are a complete entertainment system, taking up an entire wall.


Find the style of furniture you need as well. Some of our TV stands are open enough to hold your electronics while others can hold your beautiful décor items on top. Consider adding candlesticks or picture frames. We have wide entertainment centers to fit any need.


Some of our TV tables can just hold your television (or enclose it inside if you wish for an armoire style stand) while others are large entertainment stands – perfect for your living room. Whatever your stand preference is, we have the right living room tables to meet your needs.


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