Ottomans and Poufs: Find Your Accent Piece Today

Ottomans and poufs are outstanding pieces of furniture. They can increase the value of any room. They can also dramatically change the appearance of a room. Ottomans and poufs can often serve many purposes.


For example, some storage ottomans, poufs, or other storage pieces of furniture can help with any storage space you need. Just put your favorite snuggly blanket inside, and you have hidden storage space for your family or living room.


Often, ottomans and poufs come with additional storage inside of them. A sturdy ottoman can also be used to get those hard to reach items when cleaning or organizing. Some storage ottomans and poufs serve as side tables, a coffee table, or extra seating in your kitchen, dining, or living space.


So, what kind of pouf or ottoman are you looking for? Some poufs are made of leather, while others serve as tufted storage ottoman coffee tables. We have thousands of poufs for you to choose from – in just about any color you can imagine.


One of the first factors that you may search for when shopping for ottomans is the type of material you want.


Leather ottomans are pretty common kinds of accent furniture because it’s quite comfortable and fairly durable. Leather, as the material choice, matches perfectly with a mid-century home design, which gives it an added bonus.


If you are looking for a beautiful leather ottoman coffee table or a leather ottoman to put your feet up or to entertain guests, this type of material is a great choice.


There are other material choices you can make. For example, microfiber or polyester are extremely comfy and come in a variety of color options for your upholstered pouf or ottoman as well.


If you have a specific area you want your new upholstered pouf or ottoman to live, you may or may not have already decided what shape you have in mind. Our quality poufs and ottomans come in all sizes and shapes, just like the style of every room in your home.


That’s why the choices of poufs and ottomans are so vast. We have them in every size you can imagine. We have poufs and ottomans in round, wedge, rectangle, square, oval, and novelty shapes.


Have you already designed your pouf or ottoman inside your head? Sometimes, that’s the best place to start – in your imagination. What are your intentions for your pouf or ottoman? Keep brainstorming from there.


What will you use your ottoman or pouf for? Maybe a cocktail accent? Do you need a storage ottoman to hide things away?

Do you love the look of a round leather ottoman or pouf? If you are unsure, we have standard poufs and ottomans, too.


Plus, if you already have your living room designed, you can just add a pouf or ottoman as an accent piece. Consider adding one to your bedroom with a color that will pop with the design already established in that room. Imagine putting your tired feet up after a long day, taking off your shoes with the help of your new ottoman!


Each room in a home has its own style, just like every home does. That means that your pouf and/or ottoman need to have that unique style as well. We have dozens of styles in ottomans for you to choose from.


Do you live in the mountains of Maine or Colorado, where the warmth of rugs, carpets, and wood dwell throughout your home? One of our rustic and cabinet style poufs and ottomans would serve you well.


Looking for a minimalist look? Our poufs and ottomans come in all shapes and sizes. Consider adding a yellow pouf to a black and white living room for that added pop of color you are looking for.


We even have poufs for your children’s rooms! Our poufs and ottomans for kids’ rooms are made for either boys or girls’ rooms. You can find poufs in bright red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue – whatever color matches your kids’ rooms (or is their favorite color)!


If you live in an old studio apartment with exposed pipes in New York City or Boston, a nice, round leather ottoman will match well. We even have wooden or brick accent pieces that would show up pretty in that type of home. For a loft like that, you may want a couple of poufs to add seating for guests.


On the other hand, maybe you live in a fun, ranch-style home in the Midwest. In that case, our poufs and ottomans that have a country, cottage, or coastal theme would be more your style.


Regardless of where you live in harmony, we have the right poufs and ottomans for you.


Are you looking for a solid colored ottoman? Maybe you think a pattern could add some real spunk to your living room? Either of those is an option when you shop with us. We also have plenty of upholstery choices you can play around with.


We have chenille, velvet, leather, faux leather, polyester, twill, suede, microfiber, or cotton! Just click a button to see the many options we have available.


Material isn’t the only choice with an ottoman, either. You may want a leather ottoman or pouf. Looking for it to come with a sleeper or glider? We have those features as well.

Or is it a storage ottoman you need? We have round tufted ottomans and coffee table ottomans also! We even have eco-friendly tables!


Another ottoman deciding factor to keep in mind is size. We have large and small ottomans, which serve multiple purposes. For example, if you have large living room furniture, you may want a big ottoman, so it blends well with what you already have.

Alternatively, if you want to use a small ottoman to accent a small chair or lounger, you can find a wide variety of kinds of ottomans for that purpose. Sometimes, a small one is perfect for a small footstool in a pinch.

Pick any combination of these furniture options in your home. A nice round ottoman may go well with a soft glider or couch or even a glamorous coffee or end table.

When making your decision, don’t forget about design, print, shape, style, and other special features that your new pouf or ottoman can be configured with!


Our main goal for your furniture is to make sure when shopping for ottomans that you have plenty of options for your beautiful home, which is why we have so many poufs and ottomans for sale on your website, including name brands. You will never have to worry about living room seating with our selection!

Let your furniture imagination go wild because we carry the poufs and ottomans of your dreams!


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