Outdoor Patio Bar Furniture for You

Are you excited about patio bars and what they can do for you? If so, you know the many benefits you gain with a patio bar. A beautiful patio bar can give your backyard an elegant, welcoming look.

If you do outdoor entertaining and need furniture for your patio, a key piece of outdoor furniture for your backyard that can help you make any patio into a party atmosphere is a patio bar.

Patio bars are usually smaller pieces and have a countertop and shelving inside so that you can serve drinks. With the right bar, you can turn your backyard into a bar without heavy remodeling of the space.

This patio product comes in a wide variety of materials, colors, styles, and features. Which type of patio bar will work best for your design, purpose, and entertaining goals?

At Décor and Art, you have a large variety of choices when it comes to the materials that our patio bars are made out of. Each one imparts its own unique style.

Wood is a timeless base for a home bar. When picking out a wood style, realize they can work with any style of home. Plain wood, like in slatted bar designs, can give the space you have outdoors a more rustic look. Bamboo is a popular wood texture because it gives you a tropical island feel.

If your wood patio bar is going to be exposed to the elements, you might want to choose dense wood types that are naturally decay-resistant, such as white oak, Western Red Cedar, teak, and bald cypress. You will want to seal the piece so that it’s strong with a coating of polyurethane, lacquer, or varnish.

Some patio bars come in lightweight metals, which makes for easy transportation, like aluminum. Metal is common in sleek, modern-looking patio bar styles. Some of our metal designs are good in classic patio arrangements, such as those in vintage styles with different patterns.

Wrought iron patio bars with beautiful scrollwork and mesh design elements are one such example.

For a more traditional, textured appearance and more durability, you can find patio bars in wicker styles. Wicker bars are common and fun options; on your patio, wicker may be the best choice. One of the most popular, resin wicker, is also known as all-weather wicker and is one material that resembles woven natural designs but was manufactured for use in outdoor patio furniture.

Our wicker material, whether natural or synthetic, is a favorite with homeowners since it offers weather-resistance and great versatility. Light colors beautifully complement casual, beach, and boho style patio bars, while dark navy or dark browns will add a bit more elegance and formality to your outdoor entertainment space.

Fiberglass models are often made to look like another material, such as granite or marble, but are they’re lighter and easier to move. Choose fiberglass if you are looking for durability, sleek elegance, and a certain texture – all at an affordable price for a patio bar!

It’s normal to see patio bars made up of multiple materials. It’s very important to keep function and style in mind when buying your patio bar, rather than looking for an outdoor piece of furniture made of only one material.

With patio bars, there are many different styles. You may have noticed patio bars with colorful bases and white countertops. Some styles allow you to choose a base bar from a wide variety of color options. This style of bar is perfect if you want a bold and artsy look.

Many patio bars have external wraps that you can put around the base of the bar, typically made of a polyester fabric wrap. This look gives you a chance to customize the design of the bar just how you want, often going for themes such as that with beach images on them. A style like this is great if you want a customizable option as would be needed for parties.

The point of a great patio bar is to give you a piece you can easily set up at a moment’s notice. This, unfortunately, means that you won’t find a patio bar made of stone. However, many styles have an outer wrap textured like stone. Pick faux stone for an upscale, solid-looking feature.

Some of our patio bars have text on the front, often related to a drink theme. The words, martini or Margaritaville, may be on there. Pick a text design for a playful, party theme.

If you’re going for a rustic look outside with your patio bar, you can find specific styles with distressed paint jobs. Bars like this are often made of wood materials for more of a rustic look. Some bars get pretty creative and look like they are made of barrels.

Our patio bars have a few additional features that are nice, too. Consider getting an umbrella for your bar. Some of our styles come with an umbrella and a holder to keep it in place. You may want an umbrella style if you plan to place the patio bar in a place where there is no shade.

Most patio bars actually have wheels on them to assist you with moving the bar around. Wheels are particularly handy if your bar is very large or made of heavier materials, as you would see with wrought iron.

Some styles of bars actually light up. Lighting styles are perfect if you’re going for a modern and/or night club theme. Others have bar stools, not quite bar height, so your guests’ knees won’t bump around.

It’s important with patio bars to assess what you’ll need functionally. Maybe you need a model with an ice holder behind the bar or built-in a sink. Check out the storage behind the bar, as well.

Many models have built-in shelving behind the bar itself. Some bars have drawers, cabinets, wine racks, or ice buckets included. If you serve a lot of guests, more storage space is key.

One of the major features of patio bars is that they tend to be straight or L-shaped.

With L-shape designs, the counter is long with a shorter wing. This gives you the appearance of a conventional bar where people can sit around, and it allows guests to face each other when talking. Pick an L-shaped model if you want people to sit and gossip around the bar.

Straight styles are more for serving. You may find patio bars that are curved for an elegant style.

Any kind of outdoor patio bar furniture can enhance the space and give you a perfect place and way to entertain guests. Be sure to shop our large patio selection of outdoor patio bar stools, patio bars, outdoor bar tables, and complete pub sets.

At Décor and Art, you’ll find the perfect patio bar furniture to complement your outdoor space. It doesn’t matter, with outdoor furniture, if your tastes are modern or traditional, you’re sure to find the outdoor patio bar that meets your needs.

Decorating your patio is a super fun home makeover project. The result of it all is a comfortable place where you and your family can enjoy your patio and beautiful scenery.

At Décor and Art, furniture is our specialty; this means that you can browse our wide selection of patio bar sets for your outdoor space. You will find your new outdoor patio bar actually brings your family closer together as you enjoy more time outside together.

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