Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair, High Back Ergonomic Adjustable Racing Chair


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Weight 34.10 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 11 × 20 in
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Material FauxLeather
Color Black/Grey
Style Americana
Item Weight 18.99Pounds

About thisitem

  • Comfortability- The seat is made of high density foamcushion and bonded leather, which offers favourite resilience andbreathability. Ergonomic back design is helpful for long-hourssitting, giving you sufficient lumbar support.
  • Adjustability- Height of the seat and armrests can beadjusted. Seat height is available from 18.7 inches up to 21.65inches. The recline mechanism allows you to enjoy the rocking mode.You can also move smoothly due to 360-degree swivelingcasters.
  • Easy Assembly- It only takes about 15 minutes toassemble this high back office chair with an Allen wrench and someclearly illustrated instructions which we offered to.
  • Well-built Construction- The gaming chair can bear upto 300lbs. It is well-designed, leaves less chance of gettingbetween the binders. So there is no noise when you adjust or rollaround.
  • Space Saving- You can flip the armrests up and putthe chair under the desk for saving space.This desk chair is idealfor living rooms, study rooms, conference rooms andoffices.

Why Select thisChair?

Thehigh back design provides maximum waist support, comfort andconvenience, with high-density cushions reducing pressure on thelegs and back keeping you cool. Easily adjust the chair to yourspecific needs with the easy-to-use tilt back.

Thewheels provide a strong and stable base holding up to 300 lbs. Notonly offering full 360 movement, alongside strong wheels whichsupport the base. With the adjustable height 3.0 inches, an easilyaltered and sturdy adjustable lever will effectively help you finda perfect seated position.

Key features ofa good chair

ABackrest that helps maintain the natural curve of the spine

Seatconforming to the human body curve

Comfortable for long-term use

Light,fast and accurate height adjustment alterations

Ableto meet dynamic requirements

Safeand reliable 5-claw chair legs

Safe,flexible and durable chair wheels

Firmand durable

How to make itrocking?

-Loose the knob under the seat, pull the lever out at the sametime

How to stoprocking?

– 1.Tight the knob under the seat

– 2.Push the lever inside

Note: it onlycan be adjusted about 120 degrees

How to adjustthe height?

-Justpush the lever please

Bonded Leather

It is softer than PUleather and has the characteristics of water resistance, highstrength, softness and wear resistance, at the meanwhile offering acool seated experience.

90-180 Flip-up Armrest

The armrests aredesigned to facilitate the natural seated position of the userhelping align the spine alongside the neckrest for superiorcomfort.

Lumbar Support

Coming with anintegrated lumbar cushion for extra support and cushioning. Thishelps prevent work related injuries and reduces stress on thelumbar region.

SKU: 601108943


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Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair, High Back Ergonomic Adjustable Racing Chair


36 in stock