Red Juniper sauna sweat room


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Model: LT 901BR

Specifications: Bottom size 89*87*185cm (LENGTH *Width * height)

Top size 185*97.5*87cm (length * width * height)Note there is an outer arc on the top, so the width will bewider

Internal size:173*80*79cm

Seat height: 48cm

Height, width, and thickness of glass door:158*52*0.6cm

Box Size (CM)

A Top and bottom:108*97*25cm

B before and after:181*95*20cm

About C: 181*89*16cm

Gross Weight (KG) Net Weight(KG)

A Top-bottom: 29KG 27KG

B Before and after: 37KG 35KG

Caround: 26KG 24KG

Total92kg 86KG

Power plug: US/EU

Power cable length: 3M

Rated power supply: 50HZ/120V

Heating plate quantity:8P

Rated power: 1510W

Maximum temperature rise: 65degrees

Temperature protection: 110degrees

EMF: 3-8

Control system: LCD display, keycontrol

Sound system: Bluetooth soundsystem

Other preparation: LED reading light, colorfulatmosphere light, LED epitaxial light,backrest

Top outer arc size:

Main material: red cedar

Heating material: far-infrared epoxy heatingplate

Packing: foam, PP corner board, interlayer board,carton, etc

Seat bearing capacity: 300KG

Applicable height: 150-190cm

SKU: W632S00014


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Red Juniper sauna sweat room