Rocker recliner, comfortable manual reclining chair for living room


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You can consider whether it is suitable for you.

[Adjustable angle] The humanized design of the backrest anglecan be selected according to actual needs. The recliner can beadjusted from 90 degrees to 145 degrees, suitable for differentscenes, such as reading, watching TV, resting, etc. The rockingrecliner is suitable for babies and mothers to rest together.

[Comfortable material] The fabric of the chair is short plush,soft to the touch, the color of the chair will be slightlydifferent according to the direction of the chair. The luxuriousbreathable recliner uses high-density foam and a laminated veneerwood system to provide comfort.

[Rugged and durable] The iron frame used in the recliner hasbeen tested more than 10,000 times. It is very strong and cansupport the switch of the foot pedal many times. The weightcapacity of this recliner is 300 pounds.

[Easy Assembly] The installation time is less than 10 minutes.Search “Canmov chair lift” on YouTube to view the assemblyinstruction video. If you have any other questions, please let usknow and we will solve them for you. Tips: 1 piece, 2 packs. Inorder to transport the chair safely and protect the chair, thechair will be divided into two packages for transportation.

SKU: CR0516A001D224


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Rocker recliner, comfortable manual reclining chair for living room