Simon 2seater sofa


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Weight 81.92 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 36 × 22 in
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Design concept: our sofas aremainly light luxury series, with versatilestyles,mint green double seat sofas,full of three-dimensional feeling, round package, and fashionablemodeling, making the home decoration layout full of design senseand simplicity.

Comfortable cushion: high-densitysponge filling, comfortable to enjoy more lasting, healthy, andenvironmental protection, so that you can rest leisurely on a busyday. Ergonomically designed for the most comfortableback.

Materials: the frame of the sofais made of solid wood (plywood + LVL wood), which has theadvantages of stable wood material, high hardness, and strongbearing capacity, and can bear 300kg, strong and durable. The chairfeet are made of rubberwood. The well-designed chair feet are moreconvenient for cleaning. The high-quality polyester fabric is morebreathable, sweat-wicking, and wear-resistant.

SKU: W48124772


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Simon 2seater sofa