Three Doors Side Table-white


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Selling Features:

– White color cabinet with 3drawers and 3 doors, 2 different size shelving spaces can meet yourstorage

requires perfectly.

White color, Excellentpainting process(We have 3 times painting process in total toensure the painting shows perfectly on the surface of theproduct.),E1 degree good quality MDF material, Metal slides for thedrawers can make them more smooth when you pull open thedrawers.

– Simple design,suitable forvariety home decoration styles/scheme.

– Clear and detailed instructionswill guide you easily assemble it.

– Steel tube legs, waterproof andslippery. Greatly enlarged the safety and versatility of theproducts.

– UNIQUE edge and cornerprocessing technology: ROUND AND SMOOTH. To avoid scratchpeople.

– INVISIBLE door handle,convenient, simple design, and good look.

Product Dimensions & Weight:

– Overall size: 52.36X15.74X 32.08H

– Package Size:58.11X 19.13″ X5.83H(carton #1-1)

40.19X 20.23X6.69H(carton #1-2)

– N.W:56.2 lb (carton#1-1)

58.4lb (carton #1-2)

– G.W:62.8 lb (carton#1-1)

65lb (carton #1-2)

–Height ofsteel tube foot:1.96-2.36 in (adjustablesize)

–Size ofdrawer inside:15.35 X 11.41 X 4Hin

–Weightcapacity:90 lb


– Product name:Six drawer sidetable white.

– Material: E1 degree MDF board, the thicknessof majority plates are 12 mm. Metal drawer slide, steel tubelegs.

– Finish NC painting, two times primer painting,and one-time surface.

– Color: Pure white

– Assemble Required:180min

– Package cartons:2 pc

– Packing details:5-ply brown carton with 6sides foam protect inside.4 cm thick foams around and 2.5 cm thickfoams at both ends. And our product has passed the dropping testwith a height of 80 cm.

SKU: W282S00001


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Three Doors Side Table-white


169 in stock